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About BoldText

BoldText is a very small company of web enthusiasts who are passionate about two things — learning and writing. We study and analyze certain areas of interest and create independent websites that deliver detailed, organized and professionally written content dedicated to chosen topics.

Unlike many encyclopedia articles, our articles produce in-depth, detailed coverage on a specific subject. Normally, an encyclopedia would provide you with one article about the topic. BoldText gives you at least twenty detailed studies.

Easy reading. Valuable learning. BoldText.

Our Topics

Credit Score
How to Build an Excellent Score
Horse Breeds
learn about various horse breeds
Merchant Accounts
Science Behind Credit Card Processing
Discover the Paradise
Mixing Old and New Cultures
Car Insurance
Industry's Odds and Ends
Credit Cards
Road to the Excellent Credit
Buying a House the Smart Way
New Zealand
World in Miniature
Putting Your Hard Earned Money to Work
Money Management
The Common Sense Way to Build Wealth
Student Loans & Grants
Financing Your College Education